What to Bring to Competions

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What to bring to competitions

How to Pack for a Swim Meet
The night before a big meet, many swimmers find themselves standing over their bags and scratching their heads. The fear of forgetting something essential can be almost as nerve-racking as the actual races.
Push those 'what-if’s' out of your head, relax, and follow this guide. Then, on the day of your swim meet, you’ll wake up feeling confident that you have everything you need.
Hot Tip: When to Pack ~ Pack the night before the meet. As you put items in your bag, visualise the entire day of competition: From the moment you plan to wake up, to the moment you walk back through your front door.
Make a list of things you can’t pack until morning (food or clothes in the wash), make a list. Set that on top of your swim bag before you go to bed.  
Swim Meet Packing List:
  • Two competition suits
  • Two caps
  • Two pairs of goggles
  • Swim suit for warm-up
  • Three or four towels
  • Snacks
  • Healthy packed lunch (No fizzy drinks or chocolate)
  • Water bottle
  • Club kit: Navy club tshirt and white club tshirt if there are finals. Club shorts and Dumfries ASC swim cap
  • Poolside shoes - Some facilities will not let you poolside without them
  • Warm clothes: Sweatshirt & jogging bottoms
Also Consider Bringing: 
Entertainment: Be prepared to sit around for a couple of hours. Staying awake and alert will help you swim faster, so bring whatever keeps you happily entertained: a deck of cards, something to read, puzzle book, your iPod or all of the above.
A relaxed, positive attitude: This least tangible item is probably the most important thing you can bring to a meet!
Hot Tip: Forgetting an Essential - If you forget to bring something to a meet, don’t panic! Many swim meets have swim shop that sell essential items: Caps, goggles, suits, etc. If you forget your goggles — or if they happen to break — you can often purchase another pair at the meet. If there are no vendors at the meet, you can always ask a teammate or another friendly swimmer if they have an extra pair. 

Read more at: https://www.swimoutlet.com/guides/how-to-pack-for-a-swim-meet

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