Alloa Junior Development Meet 2017

At the end of May 11 young swimmers from DASC attended The Peak in Sterling for a one day development meet. They all swam really well and out of 42 swims between them they got 31 pb's and 11 medals.

  • Leah Brown - bronze in her backstroke and a 6th place in her breaststroke

  • Alexander Bailey - 4th place in his backstroke and a 5th place in his 100m freestyle

  • Casey Maxwell - silver in the 50m butterfly and a 4th place in 100m backstroke and 100m IM

  • Anna Fox - bronze in her 100m backstroke

  • Leah Fraser - 6th place in her 100m breaststroke

  • Luca Fermus - earned a 5th place in his 100m breaststroke

  • Ryan McHardy - 6th place in his 50m butterfly

Coach Ailsa Nelson stated that she was glad to see that all the swimmers hard training is paying off with so many massive pubs. Well done to all the swimmers.

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