Workington Swim Camp 2017

Between the 12 - 14th April, 16 swimmers from Dumfries A.S.C. attended a junior development camp at Workington. The swimmers worked tirelessly throughout the camp to develop their skill level, endurance and speed. They also participated in some dual sessions with Workington ASC where they impressed with their ability, enthusiasm and application. In addition to the swimming,

They took part in a gym session and a session on the climbing wall at Workington Leisure Centre. This helped them develop their core strength and coordination as well as being great fun. Age group swimmer Lindsay Cameron received the swimmer of the camp award for her all round performance and effort and Lewis Downie received the Endeavour Award for the junior swimmer who showed the greatest effort in improving all aspects of swimming.

Phil Stewart, DASC coach for the camp said "I am extremely proud of them. This was a great opportunity for all 16 swimmers to spend some quality time and focus on improving all aspects of their swimming. They rose to the occasion and surpassed all expectations. This is a good platform for them to literally kick on from achieving their swimming ambitions.

To help this camp go forward, was the hard work of the Team managers Marc and Angela Scott, Phil Stewart, Dasc coach and the parents of the children attending the camp, by organising some fundraising.

The tops worn were sponsored by Stuart Nicole Transport, they also received donations from Storey Homes, Atlas, Hunters Sun Rooms, Barbours , Hiddleston, Ashleigh and Grafton Merchants. The swimmers would like to say a big Thank you to all for your kind generosity.

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