Dumfries ASC - #TEAM 

Entry Process

How to enter competitions

  • The swimmers coach decides which competition they would like swimmers to enter.

  • The coaches will notify Dumfries ASC's Meet Entry Secretary of all competitions.

  • The Meet Entry Secretary creates an eligibilty report which shows the coaches which events the swimmer can enter. They then return the report to the coaches.

  • The coaches choose which swims a swimmer should enter and the report is returned to the Meet Entry Secretary, who calculates costs and distributes to DASC Treasurer and to parents via squad reps. National swimmers would normally receive their entries directly from their coach.

  • Parents / swimmers must inform the Meet Entry Secretary by the club closing date if they would or would not like to enter the competition.  Failure to do so will mean your swimmer will not be entered.

  • If confirmation to enter the competition has been made, payment must be made to the DASC Treasurer, failure to pay will also mean your swimmer will not be entered.

  • The Meet Entry Secretary will send a list of responses to parents to ensure everyone that has replied 'yes' is accounted for. Anyone that has been missed can be added at this time.

  • Once confirmation of all swimmers attending has been made,  the entry file will be sent to the host club's Meet Secretary with Dumfries ASC entries and payment.



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