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If you would like to become a member of Dumfries Amateur Swimming Club, please complete the following forms below and email them to our Membership Secretary, Fiona Wilson  at membershipdumfriesasc@gmail.com
  • Scottish Swimming Membership Form (New members only)
  • Swimmers Code of Conduct Form
  • Parents Code of Conduct Form
  • Swimmers Medical Form
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Photograph Policy
As a Scottish Swimming member you will receive a wide range of benefits and support, whatever level you are on, from beginner to elite athlete, from club volunteer to aquatics provider.
Scottish Swimming Membership Form < click here!
Membership Renewal Form < click here!
Scottish Swimming Non Residential Membership Form < click here!
What is a Non Residential Member?
This is a swimmer who doesn’t reside in Scotland (lives in England/Wales), but would like to swim with Scotland as their Country of International Representation. Certain criteria need to be met – please download the Non residential membership form located under Membership Forms. Please note, a swimmer cannot change Country of International Representation to swim at Scottish National meets and then change back to England to swim at English National meets.
Change of Club Form < click here!
What is a change of club form?
This form is required for Swimmers (in the water) that want to move club. Non-swimmers do not need to complete a change of club form when moving to another club (Club Volunteers, Teacher/Coach, Technical Officials).
Swimmers Code of Conduct Form < click here!
Parents Code of Conduct Form < click here!
Swimmer's Medical Form < click here!

Membership Forms

Code of Conduct Forms

Medical Form

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