Open Water Swimming

During spring and summer months, Dumfries ASC run Open Water Sessions at Loch Ettrick on a Wednesday evening between 5.30pm - 6.30pm.

Loch Ettick

Open Water Swimming

Our club's Head Coach, Anthony Ryan is in attendance at our Open Water Sessions. Anthony has competed for Great Britain as an Open Water Swimmer. We also have a safety boat for our Open Water Sessions.

At present we only have a small number of participants at our Open Water Sessions. We are looking to grow this side of our club and would very much like to increase our members. Swimmers can join Dumfries ASC to take part in Open Water Sessions only and can decide if they wish to swim for leisure or as a competitive swimmer. Our membership fees are seasonal for those that attend Open Water only.

There is no need to for members to book, all you have to do is turn up in time for the session to start.

If you enjoy your open water session at Loch Ettrick and would like to join Dumfries ASC to take part regularly, either for fitness, to compete or just for fun, please contact our Open Water team on Fiona will provide you with further information on how to join and the cost of any membership fees. Fees are charged on a pro rata basis as Open Water is only seasonal.

Open Water Swimming

Equipment Required

Please bring the following equipment with you.

1. Trunks/swimsuit

2. Wetsuit

3. Swimhat

4. Goggles

5. Warm Clothes for after your swim

6. Bottle of flat coke (to kill any bugs afterwards)

7. A flask with a hot drink, such as a tea or hot chocolate ​

How to Join Dumfries Amateur Swimming Club

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and as well as being awesome fun, it’s also a great way to make new friends, get fit and learn exciting new skills. As a Scottish Swimming member you will receive a wide range of benefits and support, whatever level you are on, from beginner to elite athlete, from club volunteer to aquatics provider.

For those who want to tap into their competitive spirit to improve their fitness, swimming in a club is the fast track to doing just that. You may even come to find that you enjoy the thrill of the competitive swim meets your club organise with other teams. Or you may be looking for some outdoor adventure and challenging yourself to join our wild swimming sessions. Whatever your goals are, we have dedicated coaches to guide you on your swimming journey.